Griffin Caprio

Hi, I'm Griffin Caprio and I'm here to help. I solve problems, usually by using technology. That's it. No excuses. No surprises. Just technology. In plain english. Now, how can I help?

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So what exactly do I do?

The services provided by a CTO can cover a wide spectrum. Take a look at what I've been doing lately:

  • Helped understand current technology infrastructure & capabilities, analyze possible directions & make recommendation as to completely new technology direction to Sr. Management Team. - eShots, Inc.
  • Led effort to launch new company & convert existing, consumer focused aggregation site into more robust recommendation platform offering. - SimpleRelevance, Inc.
  • Brought in to perform an IP assessment & evaluation of possibly underutilized assets. Gave client the opportunity to go after new markets and customers that they might have been too busy to identify themselves. - Capable Networks, LLC.
  • Worked as an acting CTO. Acted as liaison between a outsourced development company and management team. Identified, scoped managed all technology deliverables. - The D'Carlo Group
  • Helped non-technical founding team work through early stage business & technology decisions for their company. Includes performing a due diligence and assessment of potential development partners. - Opening Design
  • Set the technology & development direction for a company. This includes hiring engineers & designers, developing initial beta and supporting clients. - A Spart Apart (Now Short List)
  • Acted as a technology executive, rounding out an existing, non-technical, management team. Handled knowledge creation around during fundraising and customer development. - Consumics, LLC.

The question is, how can I help your company?