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Got an existing business you want to protect & grow or a brand new one that you're not sure how to build?

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If you've hired an external team to build and manage your software, wouldn't you like to know a little more about what they're doing, how much they're costing and what they're delivering to you?

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Frustrated by your internal development team constantly missing deadlines and unable to deliver when they say ? Not sure how to plan for your teams growth & development?

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What’s the difference between a CIO and CTO?

When talking with non technology companies, I’ve sometimes run up against a company saying they have a CIO already, so why do they need a CTO? It’s a good question. I’ve been reading a lot about the role of the CIO and it’s constantly evolving responsibilities. A good primer on the subject is a white […]

What is a Senior vs. a Junior Engineer?

When putting together a team of developers or engineers, there is a grand belief that most fall into one of two buckets: Senior or Junior. That designation never really worked for me because it’s so fuzzy. Unfortunately, it’s here to stay so I’ll be using it for this post. I’ll be using “Sr.” and “Jr.” […]

How worried should I be about scaling my product?

Whenever I’m in a discussion about platforms or language choices, someone will invariability bring up how some language or platform theoretically performs and use that as a reason to use it / not to use it. This is especially true in startups. ‘Will it scale?’ is always a topic of initial conversations and choices. As […]

What Is A Distributed Version Control System?

Most development and engineering teams have long since seen the benefits of using a version control system (VCS) to maintain and version their source code. For many years the popular free choice was CVS. That was supplanted several years ago by Subversion. Subversion adoption steadily increased throughout the years until it supplanted CVS as the […]


Griffin Caprio works with companies to grow & scale their business, focusing on their technology capabilities and long term strategic planning. As a consulting CTO, Griffin has helped companies in various spaces including media, e-commerce, executive recruiting and marketing / lead generation. His understanding of technology and business allowed him to move companies into the future by helping them take advantage of advances in process and technology to save time, increase productivity, and create better products without simply scaling hiring. His frank attitude and know-how have served him well as consulting CTO for more than 25 different companies.